Name of the projects Major Program Focus Donor Name
1.Assistance for the poor school going children  through Education(APSE) ·         Counseling to the parents to stop underage marriage.

·         Stop dropout rate

·         Providing educational materials and food

The Assist Foundation, the Netherlands
2 .Inspire to stop underage marriage of poor school goingl girls ·         Income generation activities with the mother of poor girls students

·         School uniform distribution

·         Providing educational materials and food

Jane Haker Foundation, the Netherlands


3. Sustainable Activities  for Empowerment of Poor Women( SAFE) ·  Village poor women leaders development for legal support

·  Women empowerment  through    financial, social  and resource

capital development .Gender balancing Food security and Nutrition

Women’s World Day of Prayer-German Committee , Germany(WWDP).
4. FtF(John Ogonowski and Doug Bereuter Farmer-to-Farmer Program) ·         Women farmers’ association development.

·         Reduce marketing losses of agro products high value crop farmers.

·         Capacity building of women for  empowerment

·         Horticulture nursery and road side forestation

WINROCK International, Bangladesh

( Poverty Reduction, by increasing the competitiveness  of Enterprise)

·         Five high value crops production and marketing (r whole value chain)

·         Farmers association development

·         Safe food production by bio-fertilizer and pesticides and IPM and ICM methods

Chemonics International Inc. and USAID
6. SRSPDS( project)

( Sustainable Rice Seed Production and Delivery System for Southern Bangladesh)

·         Dissemination the improved  innovations for rice production

·         Farmers capacity building, increasing  for adverse impact of  climate change

7. Education and Awareness on HIV/STD(EAH) ·         Awareness on HIV and STDs

·         Treatment support for HIV positive patients.

·         Rally and words AIDS day celebration

PRIDE, Bangladesh (MPT project)
8. Income generation and handicraft ·     Training on handicraft for poor women

·     Market linkage building

·     Group formation

Youth dev. Department, Bangladesh Government.
9. Capacity Development of Local NGOs on Arsenic Mitigation (CDLAM) ·         People’s organization development to solve arsenic problem

·         Safe drinking option installation

·         Awareness raising on arsenic

Asia Arsenic Network (ANN), Japan and JICA.
10.Vulnerable Group Development(VGD) ·         Awareness on HIV and STDs

·         Training on vegetable gardening

·         Training on IGA

·         Awareness on climate change

Ministry of Women and Children Govt. of Bangladesh.


11. Adolescents sexual and reproductive health services ·         Awareness raising

·         Medicine support.

·         Group meeting

Ministry of Health and Family Planning Govt. of Bangladesh.


12.Cultivation of mushroom ·         Farmers capacity building

·         Group formation

·         Farmers association development

·         Food security and Nutrition for village poor women and children

Ministry of Public Administration Govt. of Bangladesh
13.Sustainable agriculture project by forming farmers group ·         Women empowerment  through    financial, social  and resource capital development .Gender balancing Food security and Nutrition

·          Women farmers’ association development

·         Village poor women leaders development

·         Linkage buildup

SWAN Bangladesh