About Us

Arnout Education and Growth Foundation (AEGF) a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental and women lead organization (NGO). AEGF started its activities building on 4 years of experience as a research and development unit within the PRIDE, Jashore, Bangladesh in 2005. Its activities aim at the sustainable development of the poor farmers , particularly women farmers in Bangladesh, through action research and participatory, interactive and bottom-up strategies. AEGF has expanded its .activities South-western part of the country. It functions as a research and service providing NGO registered with the Ministry of Bangladesh the registration is Khulna: 211 of 2007 for local NGO and  ii. NGO Affairs Bureau, Dhaka, Bangladesh registration number: 2536 for receiving foreign fund.

The Executive Director of the organization was born in hard-core poor family of a minority community in rural area of Bangladesh. She has observed the miserable suffering of poor women and children since her childhood. Anyhow, she completed her graduation through strong struggling. She was inspired by the activities of Grameen organizations and BRAC and building 10 years working experience in BRAC, she decided to assist the poor people, particularly poorest women, young girls and children establishing a organization. She exchanged views with multi-stakeholders of the society and found a way of community platform development that can facilitate to assist their neighbours Latter, she established an Women lead NGO to empower women through various income generating activities, awareness raising and developing people’s organizations.


Our vision is to make an economically productive, democratic, equitable, environmentally sound and capable Bangladesh.


Our mission is the sustainable development of the resource-poor people in Bangladesh through action research and participatory, interactive and bottom-up strategies.


To improve and enhance the self-reliance, dignity and capabilities of resource-poor people and develop strategies for enhancing their livelihood by helping them to help themselves through facilitation of the necessary information, knowledge and skills.

 Approach and strategy:

AEGF’s emphasis is on interactive bottom-up and participatory integrated development framework basing target group development approach. It main strategy to emphasize height participation of the people in every development efforts and initiatives and joint venture project for the people’s development

  • Focus Area:
  • Education:


Providing basic education for poor and ultra poor children.

  • Health, Sanitation and Nutrition: Facilitation on following activities:-


Strengthening community-based health care by the introduction of curative and prevention measure and control, development health care management systems, improvement of hygiene and sanitation, improvement of nutrition, people’s organization development for sustainable mitigation of arsenic, increasing awareness of arsenicosis patient, increasing awareness of HIV/AIDS & Gender, prevent and Rehabilitate of drug addicts, controlling birth rate.




Reducing disaster risk, increasing awareness of climate change, conserving biodiversity, educating for farmers about the application of (bio) fertilizers and pesticides, enhancing common awareness about arsenic pollution and industrial pollution, increasing awareness on bad impact of climate change among vulnerable people and preventing them from natural disaster



Legal Aids:

Emphasizing women rights and education, advocating and raising awareness and support about marriage laws and land laws, prevention and mitigation women, child and laborer trafficking.



Agriculture and Food Security :

 Facilitation on following activities:

Introduction of improved cultivation techniques, cropping patterns, crop diversification, crop intensification and new agricultural products, stimulation association formation for small agro enterprise, farming, production and marketing, establishing market linkage, ensuring food security, the establishment of community information centre.




AEGF programs are focused on the poorest of the poor people, particularly poor women and  those who-

-suffer from low social status

-lack networking skills

-do not have access to current flow of tailor made technologies and information

-often landless

-have limited financial resources

-cannot express their needs and concerns well

-are not capable of organizing themselves,

-live hand to mouth

– Mud made houses

Dalit, indigenous, displaced, drug addicted, divorced and widow.


General Committee:

The General Board (GB) of AEGF consisted of 27 members meets every year in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to formulate policy, Principle, Guidelines & directions for the organization. The General Board (GB) also adopts & approves projects, Plan of actions, Budgets & audit reports.

The General Board (GB) elects a 7 member Executive Committee (EC) of AEGF for 3 (Three) years in its AGM to see, Overview & Monitor the ongoing project implementation. The EC is accountable to the GB for its activities.

Executive Committee:

The Executive committee (EC) appoints the Executive Director (ED) of the organization to implement its Projects as per policy guidelines of AEGF by appointing or hiring staff members, consultants or advisers at different levels adhering to the participatory democratic values. The Executive Director is responsible & accountable to the EC.



  • Members of Executive Committee:
S Name Position Education Sex Relation each other Occupation
1 Mrs Apu Rani Mollick Chairperson MA Female No relation Private Service
2 Mrs. Asyia Khatun Vice- Chairperson HSC Female No relation Social Worker
3 Mrs  Depali Rani Executive Director MA Female No relation Social Worker
4 Mrs. Chittra Biswas Treasurer HSC Female No relation Social Worker
5 Mrs Shefali Mondol Executive Member BA Female No relation Social Worker
6 Mrs. Shahajadi Khatun Executive Member MA Female No relation Business
7 Mrs. Shelina pervin Executive Member SSC Female No relation House wife




Financial management:

A financial management procedure has been developed, documented and constitutionally approved by the EC (Executive committee of AEGF). The general assembly approves the budget annually. This definitely includes the donor-funded programs, which needs prior approval from the NGO bureau.

The executive body approves the quarterly budget. The Secretary is the signatory of the bank account, jointly with Treasurer of the Executive Board. AEGF maintains a central bank account. Funds from all donors are deposited in this account. As soon as it is approved by NGO Bureau, a separate account is opened for each project. The money is then transferred from the central account to the respective project account. This account is operated in the same way as that of central account. Each account is audited by external auditor enlisted by the NGO bureau. Internal audits are done as well at interim period and at the end. The accounts are also audited by the respective donor as per the MOU with the organization. The copies of audit reports are distributed to NGO bureau, respective government organizations, Donors and the members of general assembly for approval.

The decision making process of AEGF and of accounts is very transparent. The staffs’ participation in organization development is valued by the top management and supervisory body. Regular monthly meeting with the staff is the forum for ensuring their participation in planning and decision-making process. Community based programs are designed by the organization on the basis of formal and informal sharing with the beneficiaries to address their particular needs. Participation of beneficiaries in the program management, particularly in planning and monitoring processes is in built structurally so that the beneficiaries have proper access and involvement in the process.

Address :

Head Office :-

152/A, Benapole Road,Rail Gate, Chanchra,Jashore.

Upazila: Jashore Sadar,

District: Jashore,

Post Code:7402,

Country :  Bangladesh

Cell: +88-01746-348075, Tel: +88-0421-64926

E-mail: arnout_foundation@yahoo.com

Web : arnoutbd.org

Contact person : Depali Rani, Executive Director

Legitimacy :                Institution                                    Registration Number   

  1. Commerce Ministry, Khulna: 211of 2007
  2. NGO Affairs Bureau, Dhaka, Reg: 2536

iii.Ministry of Youth, Jashore               Reg -55/17